Can it be?

My house is quiet.

Yes. Quiet.

Winter break is officially over and Miles trooped out the door sadly but definitely on time. Back to school. My darling husband and my sister, too. Out of the house. It’s just me and the dogs. And really? I am not sure how to feel about it.

On one hand – HOORAY! I have the peace and quiet, the solace that I am used to and I NEED but on the other hand? I got used to having Miles around all day. It is the weird give and take that Moms have to deal with all the time. I usually feel the same way when summer comes to an end, too.

Ahh well. This was a good break. We spent a lot of time having fun. We played games and had a awesome snow storm. We went to see BOLT and – let us not forget – we had Christmas and New Years in there, too.

The day after…

Calmer today. Sat around and ate copious amounts of Xmas cookies, watching Miles play his new PlayStation games. I messed about with my new laptop – I even set up a Twitter account and accidentally sent out Twitter invites to every single person in my e-mail address book. So uhh yeah if you got one, my apologies. It was a mistake.

Tomorrow will be quite a task. We need to get all of our old furniture out of our family room and ready it for our NEW stuff that will be here on Sunday. We got a new couch, love seat and chair – plus a great table that has a fold up top. It turns into a desk kinda thingy. I will post a picture of it when it gets here – it is pretty cool.

After the big clean up, I think it is almost imperative that we go shopping. There are so many terrific sales going on – too good to pass up. I feel as if it is my duty as an American *giggle*

Ahh the days after a holiday. Still fun and silly but with so much less stress…

Christmas is the time to say I love you…

Here it is – another Christmas day. I am typing on the amazing new laptop given to me from my husband and my son and I am sitting looking at a mound of toys and lego boxes that would make Toys r Us pale by comparison.

Do I feel thankful? Oh you bet I do but it is more than the gifts that made my morning. It was the fire in the fireplace. The vanilla flavored pancakes. The coffee and the Christmas music. It was the joy of my son screaming in delight – yep screaming – over a toy he had asked Santa for but instead got from Mom & Dad. It was the ability to make dreams come true – that is a powerful gift. It’s hard not to get drunk with power when wielding it.

These are the Christmas days that Miles will remember. He will tell his children about them and they wont be able to believe it. These are the days to write about…

With the world the way that it is right now – with people shooting each other at Christmas parties and blowing each other up. It is so important to embrace the beautiful moments. The moments when you make someone laugh or cause them to catch their breath in surprise, or delight. These are the moments people – they do not come again…

So Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night. Be safe and sound and hold each other tight. I am off to drink some coffee and have a Christmas cookie or two.

Fall has fallen on me

I hope you all had a safe and scary Halloween. Ours was wonderful as usual. Miles had the day off from school since the 31st is also Nevada Day. We headed out first thing in the morning to grab a few pumpkins to carve and a few extra bags of candy. Miles was/is feeling under the weather so I didn’t expect him to want to do much. Mostly he hung around in his costume and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids with his dad. He wasn’t too let down because we had a smashing party at his school on the 30th with a really extraordinary scary parade. I watched BRAVO count down the scariest movie moments with my sister, Diane. All and all – a pretty nice night.

Now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, already!!! Where did the year go?

Interesting news, though, my step-father-in-law just had open heart surgery and that sort of throws my holiday plans into a spiral. Brett and I are talking about MAYBE going away for Thanksgiving – maybe renting a cabin or something. I am sure Miles would love it; so it is a real possibility.