Today’s 365 “In the works.”

Today’s 365 “Mementos”

Not the cold air
Or the dark night
Could keep you from
My warm loving sight
Knowing you were close
And within my reach
Even if I froze
A kiss I’d beseech
I refused to wait
A single second longer
To see without debate
Who makes me stronger
My lips firmly pressed
Against your sweet neck
Love none can best
Both a fixed wreak
I hold your memento
Close to my chest
My heart’s frantic tempo
Beats without a rest

“Love’s mementos” by Reverent Sound

The book is now for sale

So here it is

My first book. Self published. Go buy one and add it to your library. The book is 56 pages long and 8.25″ x 10.75″ for $35.40. Does that seem expensive? Nope. Seriously. If you bought 56 of my 8 x 10 prints it would cost you about $812! This book is a BARGAIN! And a collectors item because I am not going to make it available for very long. Maybe six months.

Go buy one. Christmas is coming. I know you have someone in your life who needs a gift. This would be PERFECT for them…

Don’tcha think?