I like Jamie Oliver

And I am not sure why.

Don’t get me wrong – I have no romantic feelings towards him. I don’t want to snog him or whatever the beautiful Brits call it. I just really admire him – all the work he has done with Britain’s at-risk youth and the changes he has brought to their school lunches. I watch his show ‘Jamie at home’ that is currently running on the Food Network…and well…I like him. I imagine Brett, me and Miles having dinner with him and his family. I don’t WANT him in a carnal way – I just want to hang out with him. The more I think about this – the more I laugh. What is the deal? Weird. Does that ever happen to you? I know a lot of couples have their ‘dream dinner’ list. Couples they would love to have dinner with. Him and his wifey are so on my list.

Other couples?

Brad and Angie, of course. Bono and his wife Ali. Bruce Springsteen and Patti. George Clooney and whomever he is ‘dating’. Gordon Ramsey and his wife – I don’t know her name…

We could have a HUGE dinner party with all of these people. It would be hilarious. We could eat really well and maybe save the world.

It could happen.