Fall has fallen on me

I hope you all had a safe and scary Halloween. Ours was wonderful as usual. Miles had the day off from school since the 31st is also Nevada Day. We headed out first thing in the morning to grab a few pumpkins to carve and a few extra bags of candy. Miles was/is feeling under the weather so I didn’t expect him to want to do much. Mostly he hung around in his costume and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids with his dad. He wasn’t too let down because we had a smashing party at his school on the 30th with a really extraordinary scary parade. I watched BRAVO count down the scariest movie moments with my sister, Diane. All and all – a pretty nice night.

Now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, already!!! Where did the year go?

Interesting news, though, my step-father-in-law just had open heart surgery and that sort of throws my holiday plans into a spiral. Brett and I are talking about MAYBE going away for Thanksgiving – maybe renting a cabin or something. I am sure Miles would love it; so it is a real possibility.