Season Finale of LOST

I never watch LOST in actual time. I watch it the next day on my DVR, skipping all of the commercials. This is a good thing for two reasons. One is I don’t have to SUFFER through a car commercial or whatnot every ten minutes. The other reason is I can pause it – go about my business and come back to it at will. I do this with most TV now – watching very little of it live (or as it is actually being broadcast)

Butttttttt seeing this was the season finale, I thought it would be best to watch it when it was airing last night. I did not want a bunch of spoilers thrown at me this morning – I wanted to enjoy the revelations as they unfolded. And it was a good goddamn show. Lots of people died. And a seriously major character died. I am not saying who but the character had totally run it’s course and was just sort of becoming an annoying little ant – in other words, it was TIME FOR THEM TO GO. I shed no tears – in fact I was sort of pleased. Noble deaths are always interesting to watch.

There was a lot of Sawyer action but not enough. He seems to have gone a bit mental from killing Locke’s dad a week or so back. He is angry – ok I know he is ALWAYS angry but lately he seems more annoyed than EVER. Big revelation between Jack & Kate, as well…

There were some trippy plot twists and I have a theory about what is going to happen. Again – I am not going to say anything because I don’t want to be that person who ruins it for someone who has not seen it yet. I give the whole hot mess 5 out of 5 stars, even with all of the commercials. We timed them, they had commercials every TEN MINUTES!!!! It was a two hour show with three minutes of commercials every TEN MINUTES. Shit. Do the math!

My final words?
Go Hugo!