you win some you lose some

i cant play game with miles and it really saddens me. he is so competitive that is it even looks like he is starting to lose, he gets really emotional. he will cry and say the game isn’t fair. it is very tough on me. on one hand, i want him to be able to lose gracefully and i am not sure how to teach him that. brett and i have insisted he realize that it’s just a game. nothing to get upset over. still – he nearly always reacts the same way. brett sort of brushes it off when he cries. i can’t. t upsets me so much i don’t want to play anymore. i don’t mind playing games because i am not out to win. i do it to have fun. having a good time with my friends and family is like winning so it’s all good…


i hope he grows out of this but i don’t think he will.

Can it be?

My house is quiet.

Yes. Quiet.

Winter break is officially over and Miles trooped out the door sadly but definitely on time. Back to school. My darling husband and my sister, too. Out of the house. It’s just me and the dogs. And really? I am not sure how to feel about it.

On one hand – HOORAY! I have the peace and quiet, the solace that I am used to and I NEED but on the other hand? I got used to having Miles around all day. It is the weird give and take that Moms have to deal with all the time. I usually feel the same way when summer comes to an end, too.

Ahh well. This was a good break. We spent a lot of time having fun. We played games and had a awesome snow storm. We went to see BOLT and – let us not forget – we had Christmas and New Years in there, too.

Happy Bloody New Year!

Last night was a calm night – seriously – I even forgot to drink! It’s so funny. Last night we meant to go over to our good friends house and have a good cheer New Years drink but the night just got away from us. I made a big pot of taco soup and by the time that was done – I was too frazzled and out of sorts to go anywhere. I hate to see the year end so boringly! I did manage to finish my April Elf and I made a new I.D. sooo at least I accomplished something. And you know what they say – what ever you are doing on New Years Eve you will be doing the rest of the year. That is all right with me. I don’t mind making art the rest of the year. I have 365 days to get better 😉

My New Years Resolutions are:.

*Stop using the word ‘hate’

*Be more adventurous

*Complain less, be thankful more

*Stop marking time and enjoying the days as they come

Miles’ New Year Resolution is to try salmon. I love that! A simple one – easy to attain. We should all be more realistic!

The plan…

There is a plan today – you see – but it doesn’t start until later…until after one pm. I am taking Miles to see BOLT today since it has opened here in 3D. He has wanted to see it for awhile and since he is on winter break, it would be crazy for me not to take him now. The plan is simple but you see it’s only 12:24 now – still an hour before we need to leave and I am trapped here with a little boy that has figured out how to use the NERF gun Santa gave him for Christmas (against my better judgment, I might add.) Eh, what can you do, though? Sometimes Santa goes rogue and brings whatever he wants.

BOLT makes me miss Disneyland. Ahhh Disney. We go every year on vacation – but you all know that. We have been going since Miles was 3. BUT this year he doesn’t want to go to Disneyland. He wants to go to San Diego to visit the Zoo, Lego Land and the museums in Balboa Park. Which is fine. It’s totally fine. I will miss going to Disney though. I will miss the character breakfasts and Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. *sob* I do wish we could do BOTH but there is just no way we can afford something like that. We try to let Miles get really involved in planning our vacation because it’s his vacation, too.

Okkkkay I guess I have fiddled about long enough. I should hunt up my shoes and hit the highway.

Darth Vader: Fallen hero boy wonder?

As many of you know, my son Miles is 8 years old. He loves most things that 8 year old boys love – mostly Legos and the PlayStation, you know, that sort of thing but he also has a passion for Star Wars.

Being a life-long Star Wars fan myself, I am happy to say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there. He has certainly had it nearly spoon fed to him since he was born. I recall telling my sister, upon the release of The Phantom Menace, this next set of films were going to be ‘Miles’ Star Wars’ and I predicted he would love them like I had loved the first 3.

I was right – that’s for sure. He embraces this Universe – this long long time ago in a galaxy far far away – the way some kids embrace breathing. He emerges himself into the lore quite happily and knows much more about the legacy than I could ever mash into my brain. There is something about being a child that absorbs it more readily, I think, like teaching an infant a second language. They are like sponges.

I have to admit – my one ounce of surprise and that is his deep adoration – dare I say love? – for Anikan Skywalker. He is NUTS for the character and there fore nuts for Darth Vader and well…

As a Star Wars fan? That kinda freaks me out.

Christmas is the time to say I love you…

Here it is – another Christmas day. I am typing on the amazing new laptop given to me from my husband and my son and I am sitting looking at a mound of toys and lego boxes that would make Toys r Us pale by comparison.

Do I feel thankful? Oh you bet I do but it is more than the gifts that made my morning. It was the fire in the fireplace. The vanilla flavored pancakes. The coffee and the Christmas music. It was the joy of my son screaming in delight – yep screaming – over a toy he had asked Santa for but instead got from Mom & Dad. It was the ability to make dreams come true – that is a powerful gift. It’s hard not to get drunk with power when wielding it.

These are the Christmas days that Miles will remember. He will tell his children about them and they wont be able to believe it. These are the days to write about…

With the world the way that it is right now – with people shooting each other at Christmas parties and blowing each other up. It is so important to embrace the beautiful moments. The moments when you make someone laugh or cause them to catch their breath in surprise, or delight. These are the moments people – they do not come again…

So Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night. Be safe and sound and hold each other tight. I am off to drink some coffee and have a Christmas cookie or two.

Eight is great

“Mother is the word for god on the lips and hearts of all children” – The Crow

My son is 8 years old today. In fact, eight years ago today – at this very time – I was in labor with him. It was strange and surreal and long. I was in labor 14 hours. It was worth it, though…

Miles is a Prince. Brilliant and effortlessly funny, he has charm, character, and possesses empathy beyond his years. His Grandmother gave him 8 dollars in his birthday card. He chose to put it in his penny pig rather than spend it. He can also put together a 277 piece Indiana Jones Lego set in under two hours (it’s the one with the snakes). People love him – what can I say? How can you not adore a child who’s personal motto is ‘The Miley Team never gives up!’

He is our blessing. Our Mo Mo. A constant source of light and delight in our lives. Too smart for his own good but too savvy to ever let that be a real problem. He is a joy. My son, my little hero. I love him more than words can express.

Taken at Disneyland. May 2007

Happy Birthday to Miles!