Scrub and grass and nothing in bewteen

As elated as I am about my new camera – I am filled with a washed out sadness as well. I realized very quickly two disturbing facts…one is there is NOTHING here to take pictures of. At least – nothing that I can get to today. Which brings me to my other point. IT IS TOO FUCKING HOT TO GO ANYWHERE. My backyard is nice but we don’t really have a lush landscape. I mean – yes we have a pool and landscaping (and a scary spider hole by the light that would make a great macro shot) but the dogs stand inside and bark like lunatics every time I try to go out there without them and IF I let them out with me – they crowd whatever shot I am trying to make. I love my dogs but I want to take pictures of OTHER things every now and again…


It is so damn frustrating.

Well, here is one of my attempts. I have already decided I need a tripod and a few other things – like a couple of back up batteries.

There was a bug in the pool. Dead bugs are good. Zero chase factor.

Me & swimming pools

I used to have a love/hate relationship with pools. I almost drown in one when I was about 7 – wow that sucked. Then, when I was older we used to go to a community pool near our house – I think I was about 10. The ‘lifeguard’ in charge was really adorable and I soooo much wanted him to like me. But he didn’t – he had a crush on my older sister who as all of 12 or 13 years old. He gave us a ride home from the pool one afternoon and my Dad about killed him. He never flirted with my sister after that. Another time we spent the summer at a KOA campgrounds. I was young then too – maybe 9? My sister and I went swimming everyday that we could and – again – we ran into some older boys. They used to meet us at the pool and tease us, just messing around. They seemed so grown but I am sure they were probably only in their teens. I don’t remember much else about them except they chased away some bees for us once.

I swam in friends pools all my life and thought each time I got away without dying, well heck, that was a pretty good goddamn day of swimming…

I suppose I always wanted a pool of my own. Not just for the refreshing aspect, I wanted the status I guess. I grew up very poor and the idea of actually being able to afford such a luxury item…well, I was in. Sign me up! I thought if I just had a pool, that is it. East street baby! Funny how your mind works when you are a kid.

When we bought our house, I wanted THAT pool. My husband resisted – he was afraid we would put a ton on money into it and never swim in it. I convinced him, after our son Miles was born, we should get a above ground pool as sort of a ‘starter pool’. We could determine whether or not we would use/enjoy a REAL pool. That turned out to be such an odd situation. Talk about love/hate relationships. Above ground pools are fun but they are VERY hard to keep clean. They are usually some god awful grey or white color so they are UGLY and they heat up the water on hot days. Because it gets SO hot here, we couldn’t even use it in the late summer. When you have 115 degree air and a 99.9 degree pool – what is the point of swimming? It is like being in bathwater!

So years go by and we fight with the above ground pool and we FINALLY decide to bite the bullet and look in to getting an in-ground pool dug. This is where you all come in. You know I have been having one built because I have mentioned in before and even included a few pictures of the progress.

It’s DONE!

Yes it is done and it is everything I hoped it would be. It didn’t make me richer or better ‘placed’ but it did give me the gift of sheer joy in my son’s eyes. That is worth more than anything. Miles is a lucky kid, he is well looked after and graciously loved – and he knows it. I might tell him a few of my ‘pool’ stories someday. He might get a kick out of them…

Cheating death

Vacation is an odd thing. Just as much as you long to be on it, you are sort of weirdly glad when it is over. I am relieved when we return home safe with all ten fingers and ten toes – like we managed to cheat death somehow…

And summer is spread out before us like this rich, delicious blanket. Swimming and laughing and glee. The 4th of July – truly my favorite warm weather holiday – will be spent floating on a raft in the deep end of the pool, watching bottle rockets fizzling through the air over my backyard. Watermelon, cold beer, hot dogs…it all rocks.

So I am smiling now and ready for the next adventure…

Shopping Schmoping

So I am doing my budget for the next two weeks and it’s weird, you know. Really weird because for almost a whole week of the next two weeks we are not going to be here. Just my sister will be here. But I still have to figure out all the grocery stuff and all. Annoying. I wish I didn’t have to go shopping until – uhhh the 17th. That would rock!

I do MOST of the food shopping for my household. Usually this does not bother me. I like planning meals even though I LOATHE cooking. I am a foodie, though and I enjoy trying different stuff. Last summer, Miles and I had a deal where he had to try something new every week. He did pretty well with it and now likes tuna and crab and all kinds of stuff. He is a funny kid – really very much a 7 year old so all he wants to eat corn on the cob in the summer time…

Speaking of summertime…

This is my pool

and it is not in my backyard yet but it will be! Oh yesssss it will be!

Pool news

We FINALLY got the approval from our HOA to build our damn pool! I am really excited that the wheels are turning on this and I hope they start digging ASAP. Since it only takes them 4 hours to dig the hole, there is a good chance they can get that done before our annual trip to Disneyland. We are going to be out-of-town from May 13th to May 16th and I’d like some progress before we go! Diane is taking the time off from work so she can supervise anything that might happen while we are gone BUT since they have to go through our back fence to build, we need to have the fence replaced the next day! I think it is best that I or Brett is here to over see that. Anyway – so yeah – finally moving ahead.

I do believe we will be swimming by about mid-June. And with a pool – the summertime is a whole different story around here.

Lets keep our fingers crossed, shall we?