Always feel strange after a holiday weekend. The days all blend together and you never know where you’re at.

I was going to watch the Michael Jackson’s memorial on CNN today but it seems as though it’s on tomorrow. I keep hearing different things. I don’t think they even know what they are doing.  It’s probably going to happen all the sudden – they are going to go racing down the street with a bunch of fans wearing glittery gloves chasing them.

Oh yeah and Michael Jackson would make a horrible vampire. I was thinking about it last night while I was falling asleep. If some smart ass vamp were to come along and change him as he was dying – that was totally suck! Can you imagine Michael Jackson living forever swooping around with that face? The idea just makes me sad.

True Blood

Don’t have an update as to what I thought of the season opener. I haven’t watched it yet! Miles is playing Star Wars Battlefront on the big TV and that just happens to be the one the DVR is hooked up to! No TB for me until later when he wanders outside to play. I am working REALLY hard on not getting spoiled so I haven’t been wandering the net much. If you mention anything please don’t go into specifics…I really want to see it for myself…

Anyway True Blood is back. Yay!

Under the underworld…

Yesterday was an odd day. I was exhausted because Friday night I had gotten no sleep at all. Miles insisted on sleeping with us because a Sleepy Hollow game I’d been playing scared him. Long story short, he kicked and wiggled all night, keeping me awake. I suffer from serious insomnia and any little thing can cause a ripple in the pattern – making it impossible for me to sleep…

ANYWAY – I was a scattered mess. My head was killing me and I left the house without eating breakfast but we were heading out as a family to do a little shopping and have lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen. See there is this – sorta shopping area – near my house. It is called Town Center and because they have cool restaurants and every store imaginable there (plus a state-of-the-art movie theater) we go there A LOT. At least once a week.

When I was shopping though – I got something I had been wanting to get – and since the laptop Brett & Miles gave me has a built in Blu-Ray player – I finally did it. I bought Underworld & Underworld : Revolution on Blu-Ray!! Yay! I have already watched Underworld – in my delirious state, I watched as soon as I got home and I was reminded me of my great love for Michael. It’s a cool story, if you are into that sort of thing (which obviously I am), and the atmosphere is absolutely astounding. Love it love it love it – did I mention I love it? Sure it’s camp and silly and over the top – and some of the characters *cough*Kraven*cough* aren’t portrayed by the best actors…it’s still such a strong link in the chain of vampyre lore now. I suspect it is because of that iconic shot of Selene jumping down from the building to hunt the lycan at the beginning of the film. That shot really stuck with people. Resonated, as it were…

So I bought my vamp movies and I am happy. I am going to watch UW:Revolution today. Huzzah for me. I can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday.

True Blood = kinda digging it all the sudden

Ok so now we all know about Sam and if you DON’T know about Sam STOP READING now because I don’t want to spoil it for any one.

We know Sam is a shape shifter and kinda a low life considering he really seemed to want Tara and then – well according to the previews – kinda wants Sookie’s cookies again. What is so great about her mind reading cookies? Jesus Christ on a cracker – you’d think that little gapped tooth varmint was the only woman for miles. She is hideous, people, get a grip!

(By the way – can I ask? WHAT KIND OF BEST FRIEND IS SOOKIE??? She saw Tara and Sam together but she is going to go for it anyway? My god, that is just tragic.)

But what of Bill? He went right snacky on that poor girl, didn’t he? I KNOW he had no choice but everyone got all moany and Bill just went a’chompin! He did what he did for Sookie but since I am failing to see what makes her so goddamn great – Bill makes me sickly.

Next; I knew Jason’s chippy was a psycho. That was obvious when she tossed the silver chain on the homebody vamp, Eddie. But what kind of nut bag would kill Eddie? That guy was sweet – just sitting around watching TV all the time, getting little blood thirsty booty calls from my hero Lafayette. She took a hard left turn there – didn’t she? I hope Jason kills her, I really do.

And Tara Tara Tara my little hot mess. Who caused her to drive off the road? Was that a PIG with that specter? Maybe there is some dark magic going on, after all. I hope Tara doesn’t kill somebody because – frankly – I want her to kick the shit out of Sookie.

Also I have a theory as to whom the killer may be…just a theory mind you but I think it’s that guy Rene. Why? Well two reasons – when he proposed to Arlene and he bent down by the tire; my whole body shook a bit and I thought ‘OMG it’s Rene!’ but then he just popped the question. Then last nights episode had that weird conversation between Arlene, Sookie and Jason’s little slutbag. Remember? The one where Arlene went on and on and on about how great Rene is? Looks like a set up to me. Seriously. Sort horror movie one o’ one. Rene is the man. The bad bad man.

I could go on all night because I have surprisingly found an odd fondness for the show. I am kinda crushing on Sam and still nutso for Tara & Lafayette…

But I wont…I will just leave you with this…