Elizabeth McGlasson (also known as Red Sangre), a 3D Graphics Artist and Digital Painter from Las Vegas, NV, has been working in digital format since 2000. Focusing mostly on stylized artwork rendered in 3D, her work brings to mind the darker imaginings of gothic horror, fairy tales and fantasy scenes. Her primary influences are the works of Brom, Brian Froud, Julie Bell, Dorian Cleavenger and Amy Brown to name just a few.

Elizabeth’s award winning work has been featured on everything from coffee mugs to custom tattoos. She was interviewed in the second issue of Collective Consciousness, a magazine celebrating upcoming Digital Artists and was showcased in the successful European publication Forbidden Whispers. In addition, her work has been on display in the prestigious online gallery Ascent Aspirations. In 2006, she was one of the top 8 winners of the 3 Dimensional Master’s Award 2006 given to her by the readers of Future-Art Magazine. In 2013, she was asked to get involved with the launch of Gigaverse – a website featuring free courses for pursuing online careers. Her interview and tips can be read here. Elizabeth also has an upcoming interview in the December issue of Pinup Fantasies & Faerie Magazine.

Her art is available for sale at devArt and more fun items, such as gifts and clothing, can be purchased at her online store ‘Red Sangre‘s Beautiful Edge’. Her first book, “Sangre Artworks: The Beautiful Edge Collection” is a 56 page retrospective of some of her finest pieces, and can be purchased here.

For fine prints, you may visit her gallery at Imagekind and choose from a selection of quality frames and printing styles.

When Elizabeth is not creating art, she spends time with Brett, her husband and their son Miles, along with their three dogs.

Elizabeth is available to do commissions. Please email at redsangre@gmail.com for more information.

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