Home from VACATION

We just got home last night. You can go here to see pictures:

We had a WONDERFUL time. It wasn’t too crowded – only about a 15 minute wait for everything. Miles and I rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the whole time he shouted ‘I think I am going to DIE!’ – but he wasn’t scared. Apparently it was the good kind of thinking you are going to die, not the bad kind – and I believe that has got to be a boy thing. Weird kid. He begged for more with Indiana Jones but confessed later that he had his eyes closed through most of the ride.

I am so tired I really can’t get into all of it but we are already planning next years trip…


Stressed and ready to go

Before I go out of town, I always stress. I am convinced I am going to forget something and end up having to pay some exorbitant price to buy it at the hotels gifts & sundries shop. And don’t get me wrong – I love the California Disney hotel where we are staying BUT I really don’t want to pay $2.95 for a 97¢ tube of travel toothpaste! So I make long lists with comical notes like *don’t forget the hair bands* & *do you really want to buy a camera???* It’s silly, I know it. I can’t help it. I over plan. I need to just sit back and enjoy the flow…

Miles is going to be missing almost ALL of school next week! Wow. I know that is exciting for him but I seriously hope it does not effect his grades much. He made a profoundly mature decision and wants to take next weeks homework packet with him on the trip! I was totally impressed with that. He told me he could work on it in the hotel room at night…What sort of 7 year old makes this kind of astoundingly mature decision? A SMART ONE! Wheee my kid is so smart. Yahoo!

Ahhh one more morning to go…

You can’t see me but I am smiling really BIG right now.